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When considering outdoor lighting for your residence, one of the first things that come to mind may be the path light. It is the most commonly used fixture in any landscape lighting design. It’s easy to place and extremely versatile, so it’s no wonder why people make it their go-to item. Yet because of this, the path light has also been the most overused lighting fixture on the market. It is tossed

The path light does amazing things when used properly

The path light does amazing things when used properly

here and there, planted without any thought, and plastered into every type of area. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus we want to bring the class and beauty back to the path light. It can be a wonderful, stunning outdoor lighting fixture when used in a professional design.

The most common problem I encounter with misused path lights is quantity over quality. Just because path lights tend to be small and easily placed doesn’t mean they should be used in excess. Often times I see paths and steps lit up like a parade, lights blaring, which caused the aesthetic quality to suffer. Less can be more in these situations. Path lights should blend into the landscape, not protrude, and flow alongside whatever you chose to illuminate. By spacing them a ways a part through careful measurement you can achieve beautiful results. This way they seamlessly complement your yard. Any path,

Properly placed path lights wash light over your landscaping

Properly placed path lights wash light over your landscaping

flower bed, or low-lying area can be expertly illuminated with a handful of quality path lights placed and designed by professionals.

It may seem easy to buy a few cheap fixtures from the store and do it yourself, but the conclusion can be disappointing. When it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures trust the professionals like us. We are experts at all kinds of landscape lighting, including path lights, and can design something breathtaking just for you. Our copper cast fixtures are meant to last through the years and will withstand much better than any in-store product. We are also able to uniquely arrange them. Our trained eye will come up with the best placement so the path lights will be at optimum display.

Don’t make the fatal mistake of overusing path lights. Join me in the cause to bring back the subtle beauty of this versatile fixture. Path lights are an essential part of outdoor lighting and at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus we know how to use them. We understand quality over quantity and will treat this timeless lighting fixture with the respect it deserves.



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See how our copper path lights look professionally designed by visiting our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

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