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Can you spot the solar lights, anywhere?

Can you spot the solar lights, anywhere?

While it may be tempting when you see that weekly special listing outdoor lighting fixtures “on sale” at your local big-box store, please, do not go that route. If you’re looking to add ambiance, character and beauty to your home through outdoor lighting, leave it to the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. Attempting to install your own outdoor lighting system could result in your home and landscape looking worse than if you had never installed any fixtures at all.
Columbus OH outdoor lightingIn addition to our extensive design knowledge, which will provide the perfect amount of illumination to each area of your home you would like most, our fixtures themselves are a work of art. Utilizing only high-quality copper and brass fixtures, you will immediately notice a difference from what the big box stores offer. Not only do our fixtures look phenomenal, they perform phenomenally as well. They will also withstand the elements with grace and actually gain a gorgeous patina as they age!

landscape lighting Columbus OHIf you would like to find out just how easy it is for your home to become the envy of the neighborhood once everyone sees it awash in light during the evenings, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today at (614) 794-1121, email us at, fill out our form to the upper right, or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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