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Proper outdoor lighting is guaranteed by outdoor lighting experts.

Proper outdoor lighting is guaranteed by outdoor lighting experts.

When you need medical treatment, you go to a doctor. When you need legal advice, you go to a lawyer. Every professional has their specific realm of expertise they have been trained in. You wouldn’t go to a lawyer when you need health advice. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus feels the same way when it comes to outdoor lighting. Landscapers, nurseries, and irrigation people may try their hand at installing lights on your home while performing their main duties. However, they are not trained outdoor lighting professionals. Your outdoor lighting system should be designed and installed by a professional lighting company such as ourselves. The products, design, and customer service are of significantly higher quality.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus offers the very best in outdoor lighting. It is our livelihood, our passion, and we have years of experience with it. While other professionals who work in and around your home may offer outdoor lighting, it isn’t their main goal. When an entire business revolves around outdoor lighting, you can be guaranteed that the design and installation is expertly done.

Insufficient lighting is easily achieved by those who aren't experts.

Insufficient lighting is easily achieved by those who aren’t experts.

Take, for example, the process we go through with our customers.  We talk to the customer about our company, our products, and our warranties. After scheduling an appointment and seeing the property, we take extensive photos and produce a birds-eye view of the property and the placement of the lighting fixtures.  We have photos on tablet, a project plan on paper, and specialty sheets on hand.  We then thoroughly explain why each light goes where and what effect will be produced. The customer gets to see every detail and discuss the plans with us. We give them a quote and we wind up with a very detailed, personalized plan that gets executed perfectly.

Other companies cannot give the type of attention to outdoor lighting designs as we do. They cannot offer the same customer service or warranty. We have a one year warranty on bulbs, lifetime warranty on transformers, and a 10 year warranty on our fixtures. Even after those time periods we are simply a call away. We are always ready and willing to fix any outdoor lighting problem you come across. Aside from the warranty, we are extremely skilled in designing these systems. Other designs may come across as flat and two

Every part of your yard can be brought out through expert lighting design.

Illuminate every part of your yard with expert lighting design.

dimensional.  We can instantly tell when a system has been done by a professional lighting company or not. The difference in quality is astounding. Our designs are breathtaking, taking into consideration every nook and cranny of your home. They are never a side-project done on a whim.

Outdoor lights are going to be on your home for a long time. You want it done right the first time. So instead of casually agreeing to get it done by someone who isn’t professionally trained to do so, pick up the phone and give us a call. You’ll be getting our full attention because outdoor lighting is what we do. Go to your doctor for your health concerns, your lawyer for your legal affairs, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus for all your outdoor lighting needs.


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