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We have alternative fixtures to replace our traditional flood lighting fixtures.

We have alternative fixtures to replace our traditional flood lighting fixtures (BB-03).

The debate over halogen vs. LED lighting has raged on in depth for quite some time. In one of our previous blogs we covered in depth the differences, and pros and cons of both halogen and LED lighting. With that being said, there is a specific advantage we would like to discuss in our flood lighting through the use of the smaller BB-02 flood fixture.

outdoor lighting columbus ohio

The light spread from our new LED flood light is powerful (BB-02)!

Columbus outdoor lighting has really jumped forward technologically speaking. While many homeowners have the traditional flood lighting installed and are completely happy with it, we now have a newer, more efficient alternative. As with the BB-03, the angle of light can be adjusted, but the BB-02 also allows for adjustment of the lumens level (level of brightness). LED technology is constantly evolving, becoming more efficient and effective with every tweak that is made. We cannot iterate enough that we are constantly researching the newest and most effective outdoor lighting options available at our disposal.

outdoor lighting columbus ohioOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus is easily ahead of the competition when it comes to both quality of our products and knowledge of those same products. Our fixtures are something we study endlessly to ensure that when we show up to your home, we can answer any question you may possibly have. Furthermore, we are well-versed in the many different applications of our fixtures and how they will best suit your unique outdoor lighting project. While we don’t want to get involved with the traditional vs. modern lighting debate, we do want all of our customers to know of the new fixtures we have to offer and what their benefits are. It is our job to ensure that your home’s outdoor lighting looks flawless. If new fixtures become available to us, we want to inform you of them and let you know their advantages. If you are interested in learning about our new fixtures, call us today at (614) 794-1121. We are always happy to answer any and all your questions and keep you informed about your home’s new lighting potential.


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