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Landscaping lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can take your home and outdoor living spaces from blah to beautiful in little time. But what happens over time when the days become shorter and your outdoor lighting system isn’t illuminating your home, pathways and outdoor living areas the way it did when it was newly installed?

Lighting Timer

Astronomical timers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus let you set it and forget it

You can either go out to the transformer several times a year to make adjustments or you can call us to install an astronomical timer. Our economical astronomical timer (say that three times fast) only needs to be programmed once with the GPS coordinates of your home. It will automatically adjust itself to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, every day of the year, year after year. It will even adjust to daylight savings time on its own. The timer plugs into your outdoor lighting system transformer as includes a battery backup so if your power goes off, all programming will be saved.

The only time you need to spend to keep your outdoor spaces illuminated is the time it takes to call us at 614-794-1121. With the astronomical timer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, time is on your side.

Helping save you time,

JK Smith, Owner
JK Smith
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus

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