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Our outdoor lighting fixtures will not peel and flake because they are made from solid copper.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s all about the details. It’s about the exact placing of the path lights to give them the perfect aesthetic. It’s about those few degrees difference in the spot lights to contrast the shadows as dramatically as possible. And it’s about the solid copper on all of our lighting fixtures that give it an amazing finish. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we want to provide the best lighting possible. That’s why we specifically chose to use the corrosive resistant elements of copper and brass in all of our accent fixtures.

The majority of outdoor lights are encased in iron or aluminum based metals. While these metals are inexpensive and pleasing to the eye at first, their corrosion rate is high. After only a few years these casing with powder coated alloy begin to chip and their layers break away. Then they result in rust and give a highly unpleasant look to your entire yard. This is a big aesthetic problem. Copper and brass on the other hand are unable to rust. Rust, by definition, is an iron oxide. That means only products that are iron based can be affected by it. Since copper does not contain any iron, rust cannot occur on any of our copper accent lighting. This material has been used for years in places that endure high moisture levels and have proven to be excellent timeless pieces.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus outdoor lighting fixtures

Our copper outdoor lighting oxidizes to a beautiful patina finish

Instead of corroding away to substandard, copper does another thing: It oxidizes. Copper will react with the oxygen in the air and turn a darker brown color. The reaction occurs spontaneously and then prompts a patina layer to form. What all this means is that our copper accent lighting will, over a long period of time, being to change with your yard. It will start to look more rustic and blend easily with nature. Its hues will shift to compliment the natural colors already found in your outside landscape. No metal is going to stay unchanged forever, but copper and brass change in a positive way. They will not corrode and they will not rust.

It’s very important to take the small details into account. When you buy outdoor lighting, you want fixtures that will not bend to the will of the elements, but rather stand and endure. Anything iron based like aluminum or powder coated alloy lights will corrode and rust when placed in your yard. Trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus to install our oxidizing copper accent lighting. They will fit beautifully in any landscape and stand up against the harsh elements that can be present in the atmosphere. When it comes to outdoor lighting here in Columbus, we’ve considered every detail.



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