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outdoor lighting Columbus OHI think we all feel the memories of summer fading away. Cooler days and nights are here and shortened hours of daylight are definitely being noticed. That will become even more evident in just a month with the end of Daylight Saving time on November 1st. You may have thought your Columbus OH landscape lighting system was working fine all summer long but now notice that it isn’t illuminating as well as when it was first installed. If so, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus a call to ensure your outdoor lighting systems looks its best and performing at its peak.

Columbus OH landscape lightingRe-lamping to Revive

When you do return home in the darkness, you may notice your system looking unbalanced. Maybe one fixture doesn’t look as bright as another or it is completely dark in a certain area. Halogen bulbs do begin to dim until they reach the end of their life cycle and will need to be changed every year or so. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus a call to have us change all your bulbs so they are putting out a consistent level of light. We’ll also trim your shrubbery around the lighting if the new growth is blocking the output. It may be all you need to revive your outdoor lighting system.

outdoor lighting professionals Columbus OHTiming is Essential

If you have a basic timer to turn your Columbus landscape lighting system on and off, you’ve either been changing the time a little bit each week or just waiting for it to turn on after dark. There are many timers available that can do that job for you. Our astronomical timer utilizes the GPS coordinates of your home along with the current month, day and time to automatically keep up with the changing time of dusk and the start and end of Daylight Savings time. You’ll never have to reset this timer after we program it the first time.

outdoor LED lighting Columbus OHUpgrade to Savings

If you’ve been thinking more about LED, now is a great time to upgrade your system. In most cases, we can simply retrofit your existing outdoor lighting fixtures to LED. Not only do our LEDs give off a warm white light, they will also provide energy savings for you. LEDs use about one-fourth of the energy as other low voltage outdoor lighting systems. Maintenance costs are also lower because LED “bulbs” last up to 50,000 hours so you won’t be replacing them every year.

outdoor lighting Columbus OhioAs the end of Daylight Saving time slowly but surely approaches, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus a call to get your outdoor lighting system in shape for the longer nights it needs to light. Either call us at 614-794-1121, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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