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No two homes in Columbus are exactly alike, and at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we strive to make your house stand out from the rest. We don’t shy away from the beautiful architectural curves and stark angles that set your home apart. In fact, we’re experts at highlighting these typically hard-to-reach features with our unique outdoor lighting fixtures that give your home a truly one-of-a-kind design.

We use a different type of floodlight called the BB-02 LED “stick light” designed to fit into tight spaces and cast beautiful, dramatic uplighting on those impressive features of your home usually left in the dark. It’s small, versatile, and – as its name suggests – boasts a unique streamlined design that makes it easy to install where no light has gone before.

Home with BB02

Light up long lines of trees on your property with this versatile type of outdoor lighting.

For example, take a look at this recent project using BB-02 LED stick lights. We used an adjustable knuckle on each fixture in order to gain more flexibility and control over where we’ve positioned the beams. It’s easy to adapt this fixture to illuminate even a large number of trees and create a truly spectacular effect not possible with other, less versatile outdoor lights.

Explore more outdoor lighting options with this easily adjustable fixture.

Explore more outdoor lighting options with this easily adjustable fixture.

This type of fixture also comes with adjustable height options that make it easy to place in your garden without drawing too much attention from your beautiful landscape design. Rather than conspicuous metal or painted fixtures that quickly become eyesores in your garden, we only use special-crafted copper materials that react with the elements over time to develop a more natural, beautiful patina finish that will blend nicely with your garden.

Plus, BB-02 LED lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus offer the same benefits you’ll find with any LED outdoor lights.  They’re brighter and more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, using nearly 80% less energy. That’s a big bonus for you, because a lower outdoor lighting wattage often translates into a lower electric bill. Not to mention the amazing overall expected lifetime of LED outdoor light bulbs: 25 years!

In addition to one-of-a-kind tree lighting and garden lighting, BB-02 LED lights easily add another level of style and elegance to a number of areas around your property. Find out which spots around your house could benefit from more versatile outdoor lighting when you work with one of our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today.


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