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Holiday lighting doesn’t have to be specialty lighting, suitable only for a month or two of use. Many people don’t realize that with just a few tweaks, a comprehensive Columbus outdoor lighting system adapts easily to making your home look great for Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday you will celebrate this winter.

Columbus landscape lighting changes the look of your home at night.

Columbus landscape lighting changes the look of your home at night.


The first step in any Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus project is the free in-home consultation. As part of that meeting, you will share your thoughts for how you use your outdoor spaces. This includes not only how you use your entertaining and living areas, but how you enter and exit your home and how you decorate. If you like to put wreaths in your windows or on your door, we we want to know that. We will incorporate your plans into the custom Columbus lighting design we create for you.


A key part of holiday lighting that sometimes gets lost amid many strings of blinking colored lights is the cozy feeling that a home has when it is professionally lit. From the moment you approach one of these homes on the street, you can see the house number and distinctive features of the property. Guests can find you easily and everyone feels welcome when they arrive at a warm, welcoming, well-lit home.


Adding Columbus path lighting welcomes your guest to your home.

Adding Columbus path lighting welcomes your guest to your home.

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than an accident that results in an injury. In central Ohio the snow and ice can come and go almost without warning. You can’t control the weather, but you can ensure that your guests and family always have the ability to see their footing while entering or leaving your home. Lighting your exterior walkways is like wearing your safety belt in your car: it is the best preventive step you can take to avoid injury.


Any home security professional will tell you that a well-lit house is less likely to be a target for burglars. In addition to looking festive, homes with Columbus exterior lighting discourage people from trying to enter uninvited. They appear inhabited and the lighting takes away shadowed areas where intruders may attempt to hide. Your lights will say “yes” to Santa, but “no” to the Grinch. Give us a call today to get the gift that keeps on giving.


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