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This has got to be my favorite time of year.  The trees are budding, flowers blooming and the grass is getting greener.  Everything is fresh and new.  It gives many Columbus homeowners the drive they need to get their decks cleaned off, their patio furniture uncovered and their water features trickling again.  Together, these three completed projects can make a perfect night spent outside, especially if your outdoor lighting is creating a soothing masterpiece by focusing on your water feature.


There is something about the sound and movement of water that soothes away the stresses of a long day.  When outdoor lighting reflects off the dancing water at night, it becomes mesmerizing.  There is an artful technique to get that look and feel with your waterfall or water feature and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has mastered that technique.  It’s more than just placing spotlights on the water.  Instead, it merges light beams from various fixtures together to create a soft illumination.  Almost like a light show, the beams come from up lighting, backlighting, spot lighting and underwater lighting.  We even focus on the surrounding foliage, trees, and flowers placed near by.

Take a look at some of the Columbus outdoor lighting techniques used on these water features:

Columbus water feature lightingNotice how the textures of the rocks are enhanced, the movement of the water finely tuned and the beauty of the trees impeccably lit to bring this water feature together in perfect harmony.

Columbus underwater lighting for waterfallsThis water feature includes spot lighting on the ground to show the colors and dimensions of the rocks while also defining the perimeter and highlighting the trees.  Underwater lights are used to reveal the cascading flow of water.

Waterfall lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of ColumbusBecause of the height of this water feature, spot lights were used on the ground for uplighting in addition to underwater fixtures to illuminate the flowing water and path lights to display the top rock formation.  Uplighting on the trees balances the entire feature.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can illuminate your outdoor living spacesWaterfalls don’t need to be large to create dramatic effects; outdoor lighting will handle that job.  Here, the rock formation and the flowing water are lit with underwater lighting to keep the area free from tripping hazards.  The effect is just as stunning.

No matter the size of your water feature, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can make it look better at night with our custom outdoor lighting designs and high quality fixtures.  We’ll use the outdoor lighting techniques we’ve perfected over the years to give you a one-of-a-kind creation.   Give us a call today to talk about lighting your water feature or any of your outdoor living spaces.  Our design consultation is always free and we can show you the techniques that would work best at your home.

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