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Is it accurate to say that your home has one look to it? After all, homes are permanent fixtures that only undergo rigorous renovations once in a blue moon. The bricks don’t change color; the doors don’t move their positions, and the steps out front never increase or decrease. So the beginning statement seems to ring true. However, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can prove it false. Outdoor lighting can transform the image of your home entirely! There are several different types of outdoor lighting that, when applied properly, can give your home the illusion of an illustrious makeover.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus shows how outdoor lighting accentuates your home features

In last week’s story, we discussed different outdoor lighting techniques that can be used on your trees. These same techniques aren’t exclusive to trees. They apply to many other places around your landscape. Take, for example, uplighting. Place the lights beneath a statue or fountain to achieve that same dynamic illumination you’d get from a tree. Lighting from the bottom always brings out unique shadows and shapes to any object. Lighting from beneath is also used in grazing. Subtle lights can be placed right up against an exterior wall to gently graze it. This technique applies just the right amount of light to coax the wall’s texture into view. It can be done from above as well as below. Stone and brick walls work best and look exceptionally pleasing.

Majestic Columbus trees illuminated in the night sky

If you happen to have trees, bushes, or shrubs close to the outside of your home, consider silhouetting. By placing lights right behind these objects and casting it against the wall, you turn the foliage into dark shadows. Plants with huge leaves or spaced stems look really good with this technique. Or a completely different look can be achieved when you move the lights in front of the object to produce shadowing. Now there is a large shadow against the vertical wall, creating more atheistically pleasing shape to behold. The shadow can be larger or smaller depending on how close the outdoor lighting fixture is placed to the object. Use this on plants or objects that have details that are too impressive to be encased in darkness.

Using a combination of these outdoor lighting techniques produce the most dramatic look. There are so many different ways to illuminate your home and all the many objects around it. Give us a call at (614) 794 – 1121 and let us custom design a plan for your outdoor spaces. Your home doesn’t need to be repainted or renovated to be given a whole new look. All it needs is the right arrangement of outdoor lights to display it from every possible angle.


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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus



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