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It’s official. The first of the holiday lights are on in my neighborhood. I saw them this past weekend when I was driving home after dark and I could almost hear the comments from the neighbors. Most people like to have their lighting up and ready to go right after Thanksgiving but don’t want to turn them on until the turkey is put away.

Let’s just say, in terms of timing, the turkey is in the oven. Thanksgiving is next week. Do you have your lights out yet? Have you tested them to see if they even work? Have you seen the forecast for the days after Thanksgiving? If all of those answers make you dread the upcoming project, and are thinking about hiring someone to do it for you, there are a few things to consider.

Companies who advertise to hang your holiday lights inexpensively probably aren’t your best option. In today’s economy, companies try to supplement their business during their downtime. But, do they carry the credentials that professional outdoor lighting companies do? Are they fully insured or professionally trained? The last thing you want to encounter during the holidays is a lighting catastrophe. Bottom line is this; if the pricing sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you’d rather sit back and relax while a professional lighting company designs a plan and installs your holiday lighting, give us a call. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has been installing outdoor lighting for over 6 years. We know what we are doing, how to do it best and in the safest manner. We are professional trained, fully-insured and highly recommended by our clients.

So, remember, if you want a professional lighting plan for the holidays, hire a professional outdoor lighting company that can do the job for you and who will be around year after year to continue that service. Hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus.

JK Smith, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus

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