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Attractive trees are a key component to a beautiful home and property. They can even significantly contribute to your property and resale value by enhancing the look and feel of your lot. Perhaps, your yard contains lovely ornamental trees, like Japanese Maples or Crabapples. These trees, whether greeting your family and guests out front or enhancing your garden out back, become even more striking and eye catching with appropriate outdoor lighting.

Japanese Maple trees can be lost at night without proper lighting

Japanese Maple trees can be lost at night without proper lighting

If trees, especially ornamentals, are not lit, their contribution to your property and curb appeal ends when the sun goes down. But precise outdoor lighting not only allows your trees to enhance your home, yard, and gardens, it adds an element of elegance and bit of the extraordinary.

How does Outdoor Lightning Perspectives of Columbus use light to enhance your property? We apply several lighting principles that ensure your trees’ beauty will be prominent despite night’s darkness. One of our most commonly used techniques is called “uplighting”. To uplight your trees, we position lighting fixtures on the ground and angle them upward. This technique creates a dramatic effect by casting light on the areas near the observer while the more remote parts of the tree will remain shadowed. When lighting trees, it is important to consider the sightlines of the observer and how many angles the tree will be observed from. If the tree will be viewed from one angle, a single well light may be optimal for highlighting the tree’s features. The position of your lights is also critical to creating a striking scene. If lights are placed too close to your trees (less than 18” away), “hot spots” could become a problem. Hot spots are areas that are

The natural beauty of trees comes to life at night with the proper outdoor ligthing

The natural beauty of trees comes to life at night with the proper outdoor ligthing

over illuminated, and the true color and texture in those areas are lost. However, at the correct distance, outdoor lighting will maximize the color and texture of your trees. Ornamental trees, like Japanese Maples, have distinct shapes that are interesting to look at. Our “shadowing” technique, using spotlights, can cast a spectacular, defined shadow on the exterior walls of your home, garage, or outbuilding.

Before setting up your lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus will visit your property to determine how to best illuminate your unique trees and garden. We will even bring demo lights at night to show you first hand how quality lighting can make them more noticeable and bring out their best features. Rest assured that all of our tree lighting fixtures are of the highest quality and guaranteed to beautifully and consistently light your property for many years.

Don’t wait. If you have beautiful trees that you don’t want to lose at night, call us today. Spring is just around the corner. As the new leaves emerge, make sure they are seen by using the best outdoor lighting.

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