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Flood lights and spot lights are two of our most popular lighting fixtures here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. They illuminate for beauty, safety, and outdoor living. Flood and spot lights provide stunning effects. From washing home exteriors to illuminating arbors and fountains, these lights are

Our new LED outdoor lighting fixture can fix in very tight spaces.

Our new LED outdoor lighting fixture can fix in very tight spaces.

versatile and desirable. What can someone do who wishes to enjoy all the benefits of a flood or spot light with limited space? Our new product, the copper direct flood/spot light, or the stick as we call it, is the answer.

Illuminating sculptures, silhouetting shrubbery, or just casting a better light on your entire yard can be difficult when there is no space for outdoor lighting fixtures. Not every yard was designed with landscaping lighting in mind. Yet any yard can be well-lit with this new stick light. The copper direct flood/spot light can be placed virtually anywhere. Its slim structure can be placed in corners to cast an angled light outward or snuck delicately around your landscape without being too conspicuous. It was designed specifically to provide high lighting where traditional ground floods are not ideal due to dense ground covers and natural grasses.

Maybe there is something particularly amazing in your yard that you wish to cast a spot light on; a bedding full of beautiful flowers perhaps. Yet because of its placement or lack of solid structure around it, you haven’t been able to showcase it like you want. Let us come out to your home and show you what the copper direct flood/spot light can do. We know exactly how to place it so you can enjoy that flower bed after natural light has faded. You’ll be amazed at the 30 degree light spread produced from such a streamlined fixture.  Plus, the

The light spread from our new LED stick light is powerful

The light spread from our new LED stick light is powerful

fixture is part of our popular LED outdoor lighting line, ensuring a long life and energy savings. It’s made from the same solid copper all of our fixtures share and the finish will eventually enhance to a beautiful patina. The uses are unlimited and we’d be happy to help you find out how this new fixture can bring more life to your home and yard.

Sometimes the designs of landscapes make it impossible to put specific lights where you want. But those instances are becoming fewer and fewer thanks to new advances in outdoor lighting technology. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we keep up with these advances in order to bring you the best products on the market. The copper direct flood/spot light is just one of many fixtures being designed specifically for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to heighten the beauty of your home. We are proud to add it to our comprehensive outdoor lighting product line and encourage you to give us a call at (614) 794 – 1121 so we can showcase it in person. If you’ve ever had a problem when it came to flood or spot lighting, the stick is the answer you’ve been looking for.



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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus




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