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When you made the decision to purchase or build your home, the design was probably the first thing that drew you to choosing your particular plan. A well planned model can draw you to the home from the outside and a well-designed floor plan can keep your interests and make you fall in love. We convey our distinct and unique tastes and preferences through the selections we choose for the interior and exterior of our homes. Why should your outdoor lighting design be any different? A professional outdoor lighting plan should promote curb appeal and make you want to gaze a little longer. Once you enter into the landscape and edge closer to the home, an expert lighting design should accentuate every beautiful detail of what makes your home unique. The trade secret of any good outdoor lighting designer is to enhance rather than overpower. Enhancing your home and landscape to add dimension, depth, unity and interest takes experience and mastered lighting techniques.Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus shows how outdoor lighting accentuates your home features

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has been in business since 1995. Our outdoor lighting designs encompass beauty and excellence. The key to the success of both of these aspects rely on our ability to know which lighting technique, and lighting fixture is appropriate for a particular area of application. In a unified outdoor lighting design, each facet of your home and landscape is taken into consideration and treated individually. Certain lighting techniques work best for certain scenarios, and others just don’t. Our experience allows us to use multiple techniques throughout your landscape, and on the façade of your home, with the end result coming together to harmonize as one beautiful outdoor lighting design.

OLP-Columbus-Facade-LightinFor example, well lighting can be used to accentuate the width and height of your home. It can increase the majesty of your home’s architecture. By illuminating the architectural breaks on your homes façade we can also increase the presence of your home without overpowering the features that make your house original. Well lights are also used in many of our landscape and garden lighting applications to play up certain features of trees, retaining walls and even water features. Using a combination of up lighting and down lighting within your landscape can produce magical effects.

Along with implementing many diverse outdoor lighting techniques, our large selection of exclusive outdoor lighting fixtures also plays a role in our design success. As part of the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor lighting company we make our own lighting products in Nashville, TN. The same cannot be said about other outdoor lighting companies. The superb choice of materials used to create our lighting fixtures, and the craftsmanship involved in making the perfect outdoor lighting fixture means quality you can see and feel. For example, if you hold one of our brass or copper fixtures you will immediately feel the difference between our quality and your typical fixture. Our expert design, exclusivity of fixtures, and our outstanding warranties make Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus a breed apart.

Another benefit of choosing us is getting the owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus present for each and every installation. We don’t believe in subcontracting any of our work out. When we install your lights you will get our fully-insured, professional installers every time. The same ethic is used when designing your lighting plan as well as any and all service you receive beyond your installation.
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