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outdoor LED lighting Columbus OHImagine having an outdoor lighting system which lasts 50,000 hours. Hypothetically, if you ran your outdoor LED lighting system 24/7, it would last approximately 5.7 years. Obviously, your lighting system won’t be put through that intense of a regimen. Not only is the long life of an LED light bulb impressive, so are the savings on lighting energy costs. Wouldn’t it be nice to save money by not having to change bulbs and reduce the amount of energy needed to illuminate your home’s facade or landscape?

Outdoor LED lighting received a bad reputation in its infancy. It was often described as extremely bright, way too bright in fact to be suitable for illuminating a home’s outdoor spaces. Now LED technology has come so far that the display of the LED illumination be configured specifically to your liking. Now LEDs are capable of displaying the same color range as the traditional halogen lighting system and last nearly ten times as long.

outdoor LED lighting Columbus OH

When it comes to residential outdoor lighting, LEDs are the most energy-efficient and are capable of cutting down lighting energy costs by approximately 80%. This is achieved by using a lower wattage system than traditional halogens. With LED outdoor lighting you’re going to save money and illuminate your home and landscape with the same warm, soft glow as with halogen lighting.

outdoor LED lighting Columbus OHIt is important to note that retrofitting from halogen to LED bulbs on existing lighting systems is becoming increasingly popular. In LED outdoor lighting’s infancy, outdoor lighting systems had to be installed specifically for LED fixtures. This is no longer the case. Now, as LED technology has made amazing leaps, an existing halogen outdoor lighting system can easily be retrofitted to LED with new, longer lasting, and energy-saving bulbs by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus.

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