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In this economy, you want your dollar to go far. When you pay for high quality outdoor lighting, you expect to get high quality outdoor lighting. It’s a frustrating feeling to invest a good amount of money into something that turns out to be less than you expected.  At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we know exactly how you feel. That’s why all our solid brass fixtures are long-lasting, highly efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. They do not rust, do not peel, and avoid many other problems that aluminum or plastic fixtures run into. If you are currently stuck with light fixtures that are anything other than brass or copper, it’s time to let us replace them.

Most outdoor lighting fixtures are composed of iron or aluminum. In our previous story, we talked about all the problems that those kind of fixtures run into, such as rusting. Not only do they begin to turn an unattractive color, but they will also flake and peel. It may only take a year until these results begin to occur. The external beauty is not the only problem you will run across. The transformers and other technical gadgets that came with these lights may also be outdated. Many landscape lighting malfunctions occur simply because the technology being used has worn out.  Take a look at our video that shows a recent outdated application we replaced.

Don’t take a chance. Choose solid brass accent lighting for your Columbus landscape lighting needs and get your money’s worth. Brass does not rust because rust can only occur on iron based metals. Instead, over time, the brass fixture will oxidize and turn colors that will blend easily into nature. It will also avoid peeling no matter how extreme the weather gets. Our brass lighting looks sleeker and provides a more natural feel to your landscape. When compared to older fixtures, the brass speaks for itself. Plus, our LED lighting is the best available on the market. It will stay illuminated for hours and hours longer than traditional halogen lights. Combine all of the products that we use and you have the best winning combination.

If you find your outdoor lighting fixtures are looking old or flaking, give us a call at 614-794-1121. We will happily replace those outdated lights with our longer lasting, more appealing brass ones. You can be guaranteed that you will get only the best from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. It’s your hard earned money; don’t let it go to waste.


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