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With Christmas coming up in just a couple of weeks, we’ve worked especially hard to get Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus on the Nice list this year. We’ve scheduled as many installations as possible, and our team of experts have seen each and every project through from start to finish. From designing one-of-a-kind outdoor lighting concepts for each and every client to ensuring a faster, more convenient installation, we think we’ve earned a few outdoor lighting gifts of our own this year. Here’s what’s on our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus wishlist for 2014

Add curb appeal to your Columbus home with outdoor lighting

This home features smart accent lighting that balances nicely with the rest of the outdoor lighting system.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we take pride in our homes, too. Some of us have spent hours crafting beautiful entrances to our homes or picking out just the right pieces to add a personal touch to the house. That’s why accent lighting is at the top of our 2014 wishlist. It’s the perfect way to add a spotlight to your favorite smaller features while maintaining a perfect balance with the overall design.

Well lights are perfect to highlight a tree on your property

Do something dramatic at night — transform the trees in your yard at night with beautiful outdoor lighting.

Tree lighting

The Christmas tree is important, but it shouldn’t steal all of the spotlight this season. Our experts know how to transform the regular trees in your yard into truly majestic sights to see at night. Illuminate them with beautiful holiday ornaments and decorations or go with a traditional look to let them shine all year round.

Architectural lighting

What sets your home apart from the rest? Don’t let those beautiful, one-of-a-kind features get lost in the shadows after the sun goes down. Instead, use outdoor lighting to transform them into even more impressive architectural accomplishments that really make a statement about your style.

Every part of your yard can be brought out through expert lighting design.

Who says you have to stay indoors in the winter? Enjoy your backyard all year round with smart outdoor lighting.

Get out in the yard

A lot of people in the Columbus area forget about their backyards this time of year. But we know that with just a few small investments, the backyard can be a fantastic place to get the group together even when it looks like a winter wonderland. Create a beautiful, luxurious atmosphere with landscape lighting, pool or deck lighting. Warm up in the hot tub on colder nights, or make your patio and backyard areas more usable with outdoor heaters. But first things first: make sure you won’t be hanging out in the dark by installing a smart outdoor lighting.

Learn more about our favorite outdoor lighting features when you call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today.

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