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The holiday season is a week away – which means our clients all over Columbus are scrambling to get the house ready for company. In addition to pulling out old decorations from the attic, putting the finishing touches on your holiday shopping list or baby-proofing your living room in preparation for the family’s newest little one, be sure to check off these holiday outdoor lighting tasks from your to-do list to help brighten your home, courtesy of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus.


Do you see what I see?

Now that it’s getting darker earlier, you might start to notice more of the wear

Make sure all your fixtures are lighting your home they way they should.

Make sure all your fixtures are lighting your home they way they should.

and tear – and other ghosts from seasons past – on your outdoor lighting system. If you start to notice shadows or hotspots where there should be beautifully balanced lighting designs, your fixtures may have gotten knocked around by the summer weather or a neighbor’s loose ball. Call a professional from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus to get your home looking its best again with some routine maintenance. We’re experts at repositioning loose fixtures, reworking your home’s design to fit with changes in landscaping and a variety of other changes that come with the season.


Spruce up your home for the holidays

Now that Fall is in full swing, part of your to-do list to get ready for company probably includes raking up the leaves in the front yard. Coincidentally, this time of year is when many clients discover wiring from their outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Lens Covers

Lens covers keep debris from collecting on the bulb and trapping heat.

systems that’s accidentally surfaced, leaves that have fallen into well lights and other seasonal issues.


If you uncover any of these issues in your yard, it’s extremely important to take action now.  Leaves that may have fallen into your fixtures could be blocking the light output and causing cosmetic issues to your home’s lighting design.  Fallen leaves can also trap the heat from the bulb and cause your entire fixture to melt.  Prevent these outdoor lighting problems by raking the leaves around your system and investing in lens filters to help keep debris away from your bulbs and protect your fixtures.



There’s still time to get all this and more checked off your holiday to-do list before the first relatives start knocking on your door. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus to learn more about holiday outdoor lighting maintenance or schedule an appointment today.


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