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Columbus-Ohio-entrance-lighting-300x225When arriving to your neighborhood’s entrance at night, do you even recognize it? When attempting to guide guests into your neighborhood, do you wish the name of your neighborhood was more visible? How about all the wonderful landscaping and flowering plants, do they too disappear once the sun goes down? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can make your neighborhood entrance a warm, welcoming beacon to residents and guests alike. Our attention to detail and professionalism are what make us the number one outdoor lighting company in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas.

columbus-ohio-entrance-lighting-neighborhoodWhen searching for a professional outdoor lighting company in Columbus, OH, it’s extremely important to do your research prior to choosing your company. Make certain you’re going to receive the best customer service possible. Also, ensure the company you turn to will come back to fix broken or damaged fixtures in a timely manner. After all, with the large amount of traffic at your neighborhood’s entrance, there’s more than likely going to be the need for maintenance. We, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, will perform service on all your neighborhood entrance’s lighting fixtures in a prompt, timely manner. You don’t have to worry about us installing the lighting fixtures and never hearing from us again.

1480640_10153111829642281_6782486907702825289_n-300x225We have performed many neighborhood entrance lighting installations with numerous Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) and know the amount of attention this requires. We want to ensure your lighting system is not only extremely practical, but also one that beautifully accentuates your neighborhood entrance’s highlight areas. People arriving to your neighborhood will not only be able to clearly identify your neighborhood, but they will also be in awe of how great your neighborhood entrance looks at night! You can count on us to provide your neighborhood’s entrance with a beautiful wash of light which will accent your neighborhood signs as well as the beautiful flowering plants and trees which go along with it.

landscape lighting Columbus OHTo have your neighborhood’s entrance looking absolutely spectacular with outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today at (614) 794-1121, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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