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Spring has officially landed and temperatures later this week will finally be warming up.  Getting outside on the warm days is what we have all been looking forward to.  Spend this time wisely by taking a look around your home to start planning your spring projects. Surely your landscaping can use a lift or maybe a new deck or patio is in order.  If you are thinking about these spring

Adding outdoor lighting while your project is being constructed is a smart idea.

Adding outdoor lighting while your project is being constructed is a smart idea.

projects, think about adding an outdoor lighting system at the same time. Many homeowners don’t think about it, but landscaping, remodeling and outdoor lighting projects should be planned and executed simultaneously for the best results.

While outdoor lighting can certainly be added after your new outdoor living space is completed, you often have many more options when your outdoor lighting company and landscape designer can work together.  How would this collaboration benefit you?

  • Eliminates down time.  We can work on your property so you won’t have additional down time after your remodel or addition is complete.
  • Fixtures can be installed in optimal locations. Often times after a structure is build it is difficult to install a lighting fixture in the optimal location.  If we work together, we can install them during the building process so the light shines exactly where its needed.
  • Additional solutions may be available.  If you are adding masonry structures, we can install your fixtures as the structure is being erected.  This way the wiring can be hidden within the structure for a clean look.

Do these suggestions get your thought process started?  If you’re still looking

Browse our Houzz page for outdoor lighting inspirations.

Browse our Houzz page for outdoor lighting inspirations.

for ideas or advice on a remodel or addition, consider browsing through the largest go-to site for remodeling and design ideas, the social media powerhouse, Houzz.  While you’re there, visit the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus Houzz profile.  There you will see custom outdoor lighting plans we have created for other Columbus residents.  You’ll get an idea of what we can do to light your home, landscape, deck, patio, pathway or any other outdoor living space.  Save the photos you like in an ideabook and we can talk about it when we create a custom outdoor lighting design for your home.




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