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Working routine outdoor lighting maintenance into your fall landscaping will keep your system in good working order.

Working routine outdoor lighting maintenance into your fall landscaping will keep your system in good working order.

Over the next couple weeks, you’ll probably be finishing up fall maintenance on your Columbus lawn, trimming shrubs and trees, reseeding, and ensuring everything is fertilized. Now, of course, everything is also covered in leaves, so fall is quite the busy season for the yard, even though you aren’t doing much mowing. As you are working on your landscaping and cleaning up the leaves, remember that such work takes a toll on your outdoor lighting system. So don’t forget to do a little maintenance on that as well.


Fallen leaves and piled up mulch can actually create many problems for your outdoor lighting. It gathers around your outdoor lighting fixtures and can cause the fixtures to become too hot. While this situation probably won’t cause mulch to ignite, it can cause it to smolder, which is alarming enough. Additionally, it can actually melt the fixture causing you to need a replacement. If your fixtures do not have lens covers, leaves can collect in your well lights and spotlights. This also contributes to overheating. And finally, raking leaves can cause wiring to become exposed. After such work, it may need to be recovered, as wires could become cut or frayed if they are uncovered and tread on.


Outdoor Lighting Lens Covers

Lens covers keep debris from collecting on the bulb and trapping heat.

So as part of your lawn maintenance this fall, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We will check your fixtures and wiring and replace or service any component that needs attention. We can install glass lens covers for your well lights or spotlights. These covers will help keep leaves out of your fixtures and reduce overheating. Maintenance also includes being sure that your fixtures are properly positioned. During landscaping work or even playtime for children and pets, your fixtures may get jostled causing them to not be correctly aimed and focused. Our technicians will be sure your lights are shining on the objects, architecture, and landscape features they were intended to illuminate. Finally, we will check your timer. After years of service, it needs a little TLC too. With nightfall coming so much earlier than in weeks past, timer problems can translate into a very dark night, but we can fix problems you may be having with your timer, ensuring your lights are bright and shining when you return from work.


Make outdoor lighting maintenance a part of your fall landscaping routine. It is important to keeping your system performing its best and will allow your home to shine brightly during the upcoming holidays. Don’t’ wait. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today.



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