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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. We’re already in mid-August and the lazy days of relaxing by the pool are soon to be behind us. Now we can look forward to brightly colored leaves and brisk weather.

Fall nights are crisp, cool and perfect for enjoying your outdoor lights.

Fall nights are crisp, cool and perfect for enjoying your outdoor lights.

As you go about your way this fall season, preparing for the new changes coming your way, make sure to pay attention to your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus know that it’s crucial to keep the maintenance up on your system. We offer excellent maintenance programs that will keep your home and yard looking amazing.

One of the most common maintenance problems applies to the actual lights themselves. Having uncovered bulbs can result in severe bulb damage as well as the possibility of fire. Dry leaves piling up on heated bulbs equals disaster. We strongly suggest in investing in quality lens covers for your well lights if you haven’t already. They prevent mishaps and provide a sleek, professional look. Over the past several months the covers already installed may have become covered with dirt or debris. When those elements are mixed with rain, a film is prone to form on the cover.

Outdoor Lighting Lens Covers

Lens covers keep debris from collecting on the bulb.

We can come right out and clear up any fogged or distorted lens covers. We’ll have those lights shining brilliantly in no time. Various summer activities have probably left some of your outdoor lighting fixtures in need of a good clean up. Trust the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to bring your entire outdoor lighting system to peak performance.

While the coming autumn season brings more work and challenges, it also brings more opportunities. There is no better time to get out into your yard and spruce up your outdoor lighting system. Our trained professionals can help you make the most of your system. Give us a call today and allow us to maintain the brilliance of your carefully designed, beautifully executed outdoor lighting system.


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