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Here on the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus blog, we post a good bit about LED outdoor lighting. One of the reasons we do so is because LED offers benefits that cannot be realized by any other type of outdoor lighting. The other is because, at this point, LED is a proven, elegant way to illuminate your home while conserving energy and helping protect the environment. It is the total package and really is the way of the future.


More of our clients are choosing LED outdoor lighting than ever before.

More of our clients are choosing LED outdoor lighting than ever before.

About a month ago, we posted about the differences between LED outdoor lighting and the more traditional halogen type, and you can read all about those difference and benefits in that article. The results of this analysis lead us to believe that the “better” option really depends on if the homeowner is able/willing to spend extra money at the time of installation. While each client always has the final say in what is best for him/her, most of our new clients are now opting for LED outdoor lighting, and many of our clients who installed halogen years ago are converting. The reality is that LED is becoming the better option for more people.


LEDs save energy and last longer than halogen bulbs.

LEDs save energy and last longer than halogen bulbs.

Why? While it is hard to pinpoint one specific cause, it is hard to argue with the durability of LED components. They simply last longer, and consumers like that. Additionally, our society is becoming more conscious of our impact on the planet. More people are becoming more willing to go the extra mile to do their part in ensuring the earth continues to thrive and support life of all types. The best way to do this is to reduce energy consumption and overall wastefulness, two characteristics of LED. Even though the technology we are referencing is relatively new, this actually sounds a lot like the rules in my mother’s house when I was a kid. “Turn off the lights when you leave the room.” And, “Don’t throw that shirt away even if you don’t like it! There’s plenty of good wear left in it.” Savings and durability were valued then, and it looks like they are beginning to be valued again.


If you are interested in exploring LED outdoor lighting and learning more about why it is becoming so popular with homeowners, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today. While Mom wouldn’t want you to jump on a bandwagon “just because everyone else is doing it”, she would see the sense in savings and investing in something that lasts. And if those are the reasons so many of our clients are switching to LED outdoor lighting, I say that’s a really good reason for the rest of us to consider it too.




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