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The times, they are a changin. We can take Bob Dylan’s words quite literally thanks to Daylight Savings Time. The sun has been rising later and setting sooner. All across America we’ll be turning our clocks back and changing time to keep up with the astronomical calendar. While you’ll be focused on adjusting yourself to the darker mornings and evenings, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus wants to remind you to adjust your outdoor lighting system as well. Without proper adjustment to coincide with the darkening skies, your system will be out of sync and you’ll be left in the dark.

Lighting your home becomes more important during the winter months.

Proper illumination during winter months provides safety and security.

Daylight Savings Time first started in Germany back in World War I in an effort to conserve fuel. Since then the United States and other countries around the world modified the idea in order to save energy all year round. Adjusting the clocks every six months during DST allows us to enjoy an extra hour of daylight during our waking hours. During the winter, however, the darkness seems to come sooner and leave later. You’ll be wanting your outdoor lighting system to stay on longer in order to maximize illumination around your home and yard after daylight hours. It only takes a few minutes to set your timer accordingly in order to do just that. With a few clicks, your home will be properly lit from sunset to sunup. Just like with our lights and fixtures, we’d be glad to come and adjust your timer for you and solve any problems that should arise.

Our astronomical timer automatically adjusts for the changing time.

Our astronomical timer automatically adjusts for the changing time.

If you want to have a hands free method to dealing with DST, talk to us about our astronomical timer. By utilizing the GPS coordinates of your home, as well as the current month, date, and time, the timer automatically adjusts your system to the changing time of dusk. You won’t have to lift a finger to ensure your lights turn on when the sunsets. This smart timer will do it for you through high-tech means. It will guarantee that your system is only on when needed and cut out unnecessary illumination. You’ll be saving time and money with an astronomical timer. We highly recommend this particular piece of technology to all our customers who want a perfectly synchronized outdoor lighting system.

Whether you look forward to turning those clocks back or not, remember to keep your outdoor lighting system adjusted accordingly. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus carries the best quality timers on the market. We would love to show you exactly how an astronomical timer would benefit your home. Call us up today for a quick timer adjustment and be ready to face the shorter days with a brightly lit home and yard.

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