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outdoor lighting in Columbus OhioWe at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide our customers with a means to increase both curb appeal and the amount of time they can enjoy their home’s outdoor spaces. The design of the outdoor lighting systems we install are what make us unique in the outdoor lighting field. We take the time to work with our clients to see what their outdoor lighting goals are, then set forth with a plan to implement those goals. It truly is all about the customer for us.

outdoor lighting in Columbus OhioOur clients’ goals are the first thing we take into account. We go out of our way to understand exactly what each customer is expecting from the outdoor lighting system and how they want to put it to use. Both the aesthetic value and the practical value are taken into account; this is an absolute must. We want to ensure that our customers have an outdoor lighting system that is both beautiful and allows for them to use key parts of their property, not simply one of the two.

With our excellent training, we can design and layout a plan to create the optimal lighting affect for our customers’ homes. There are several techniques used to create the perfect illumination for each home as each home requires different types of lighting to achieve the best results. These techniques include:

  • Uplighting: This involves the installation of fixtures at ground level with the light shooting upward to illuminate facades and significant landscaping elements.
  • Path Lighting: This involves the use of knee-high fixtures that project light downward in order to illuminate traveled pathways and other outdoor living spaces.
  • Deck and Patio Lighting: Placing subtle fixtures on and around your deck will allow you and your guests to enjoy your home’s deck any hour of the evening. This adds both safety and beauty to your home’s deck.
  • Shadow Lighting: It may sound like an oxymoron but it is quite popular. By projecting light at certain elements within your yard, it creates a beautiful shadow against a wall or other structure.
  • Spotlighting: This is used to create focal points. By shooting light directly at your yard’s finest tree, statue, or other element, it helps for it to stand out.

outdoor lighting in Columbus OhioTo find out which techniques can make your home and your landscape stand out more beautifully during the evening hours, call us today at (614) 794-1121, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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