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Imagine outdoor lighting as an epic play. The exterior of your home would be the climax. Dramatic shadows, strong textures, and powerful columns are all displayed proudly beneath stunning lights. While it’s certainly the core of the play, there is a key area that cannot be overlooked. Outdoor lighting around your driveway or pathway is comparable to the opening act. Without a strong, alluring introduction, the rest of the story falls flat. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus wants to emphasis the importance of good outdoor lighting around the entryway to your home so the entire ensemble hits a high note.

Columbus Entryway Lighting

Pathway lights complete the entire look of a home.

Pathways, driveways, and other entry ways seamlessly complete the ambiance of your home. Their appearance is vital. Our copper path lights provide brilliant luminosity that will achieve the desired result. When staggered on either side of a path, they guide your family and friends right along with the perfect mood. Avoid placing them parallel to one another, for this results in an airport runway look. Your guests want to be subtly welcomed to your home, not directed in like traffic. The soft light of the path lights compliments the grandeur fixtures surrounding your home. Like the trim along a painted wall, their purpose is to further enhance the main focus of your design.

Many people skip over or minimize the importance of illuminating their driveway. They focus so much energy on the exterior of their home, patio, or yard that pathway lighting flies right under their radar. The result is something highly disappointing. The beauty of the finely lit home falls flat next to a dimly lit driveway or walkway. Often times people carelessly place fixtures on either side of the driveway and it winds up looking unfinished and sloppy. Don’t compromise the entire look of your home in order to save time.

Illuminating entryways to your home is as vital as illuminating the home itself. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today to arrange your nighttime demonstration and get started on your epic outdoor lighting design. We’ll orchestrate a beautiful display that will have your friends and family on their feet, cheering for more.

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