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Columbus Ohio deckWe hope all have had a wonderful summer.

Now its back to school time and all the changes that brings. Weather, hours of daylight, schedule changes etc.

This is the time of year we like to remind everyone don’t forget your outdoor lighting systems. Their schedule is changing as well. Daylight savings will soon be over and it will be getting darker earlier as each days passes. As we move into Autumn the sun will rise later as well

landscape lighting columbus ohioThis is a good time to have us check your timers to make sure they are in good working order for the Fall and Winter season. Consider moving up to the newest in timers with an astrological clock that you never have to worry about changing on and off due to differing times when the sun sets. It does that for you. Set it and forget it. Your landscape and security lighting will always be on at dusk regardless of the season.

Fall is also a time to review your system for any issues such as lights out, fixtures that need slight repair, or damaged wire due to summer mowing and edging.

landscape lighting in columbus ohioDon’t wait until winter to notice you need service. Make an appt. now.

You should also make sure with the leaves turning and eventually falling that your ground fixtures do not collect debris. This can cause damage to the fixtures or worse. We have sturdy well light covers that will protect your fixtures year round from leaves in the Fall and mulching in the Spring.

Football season is just around the corner and we will all be cheering our favorite teams on Saturdays and Sundays. Give us a call today to schedule a Fall maintenance visit by OLP of Columbus to make sure your investment will operate properly through the dark winter months.

J.K. Smith, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of ColumbusRegards, JK, Matt and the gang!!

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