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You have probably heard a lot about LED lighting lately for your indoor lighting but did you know the trend is also expanding to the great outdoors? In the past, LED lights weren’t suitable for outdoor lighting applications. Their directional capabilities were poor and the color was not as attractive as the traditional halogen bulbs used in most lighting fixture. But today, the look of LED lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Columbus is undistinguishable and has many more benefits. The biggest benefit that consumers see is an 80% energy savings by simply switching to LED.

Traditional halogen bulbs used most frequently in outdoor lighting have a rated life of 4,000 to 5,000 hours. The environmental friendly LED lighting from Outdoor

LED Light Bulbs

LED lighting is much more energy efficient and the bulbs last longer than halogen

Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has a rated life of 50,000 hours, or 19 years if you have them on for 7 hours a day! The energy efficiencies save electricity and the long burn rate lowers maintenance costs. The color is warm and will illuminate all the best characteristics of your architecture, landscaping and outdoor living areas.

LED Lighting

LED lighting casts a warm glow over your landscaping

The best news for consumers who already own outdoor lighting is that the environmental friendly LED bulbs from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can be retrofitted into your existing outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether you have our traditional halogen lighting or another brand, we can retrofit those fixtures with our new bulbs.

Going green is as easy as calling us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We would love to show you how to save up to 80% of your lighting costs with our new products and all you have to do is give us a call. 614-794-1121 does it all.

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