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The holiday music is playing on the radio, your decorations have been hung, your travel plans made, but have all your gifts been purchased? If you’re still searching for that one-of-a-kind gift, we have a great idea that will light up anyone’s holiday and beyond.

Consider giving the gift of light this season. We have a great outdoor lighting package to get you started that can still be delivered in time for the holidays. Our package includes 7 up-lights or deck lights, a 300-watt transformer, 200 feet of wire and a digital timer so you never have to worry about adjusting for time changes. All of this, plus a custom lighting plan, professional installation, and all taxes are included for only $1499. And, additional fixtures can easily be added at any time, making it an expandable gift.

Our up-lights are versatile and provide a strong light while remaining inconspicuous in your yard. The benefit of up-lighting is that a variety of bulbs can be used to produce different beam spreads depending on your application. It can either graze or wash your home’s exterior, landscape, trees, or a retaining wall or it can produce a shadow or silhouette effect, illuminating objects at a distinct angle.

Our deck lights cover more specific applications and are made of highly durable copper that patina with time. Depending on the model, our deck lights can secure atop retaining walls, along deck posts, handrails, or bench seating. They can light a wide area or create a warm wash of ambient light. They can also act as overhead lighting in arbors, gazebos and other outdoor structures.

Our outdoor lighting has a wide range of uses, and is limited only but our customer’s desires. A custom designed plan is all part of the package. It won’t look like a cookie cutter project because each design is created specific for the homeowner and their needs. We’d be happy to talk with you about those unique applications and how you can light up someone’s night.

JK Smith, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus

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