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Holiday lighting looks best when combined with other forms of outdoor lighting.

Holiday lighting looks best when combined with other forms of outdoor lighting.

Colder air has arrived, the goblins and ghouls have all gone back into hiding, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The holidays are practically here! Are you ready? Let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t, but if you start some holiday planning now, your holidays will likely be a lot less stressful. Amid decorations, gift lists, baking, and menu planning, have you stopped to think about your lighting? Many of you will be decorating the interior and exterior of your home with festive string lighting. But holiday lighting is best when it is more than just strings. Columbus outdoor lighting can help you create a warm, holiday atmosphere in ways these other forms of lighting cannot. So consider the following.


Landscape Lighting
Sure, most of the time, we think of landscape lighting in the spring when our plants are full and lush. However, landscape lighting can help bring your property alive in the winter. Highlighting evergreens brings emphasis to trees and shrubs that thrive in cold temperatures, and many deciduous trees show off a striking, gnarled form once they lose their leaves. They simply need to be lit in a way that complements them. Additionally, many Columbus residents decorate their trees with ornaments like festive balls or snowflakes. If your trees are not illuminated, these decorations will be lost in the dark. Landscape lighting can help highlight that decor at night so you get the full effect all season long.


Inviting entryways help create holiday cheer.

Inviting entryways help create holiday cheer.

Path Lighting
Once your guests are out of their car, they’ll need to find their way to your front door. Since the time shift, darkness falls earlier and earlier. Path lighting will enable them to clearly see the route they should take. Additionally, path lighting creates an enchanting glow that complements your holiday décor and accentuates the seasonal ambiance.


Entryway Lighting
Your entryway welcomes your guests to your home. While it is important throughout the year, the ambiance in this area is particularly key to inspiring a cheerful holiday mood. Warm lighting around your entryway is magnetic when contrasted against the cold night atmosphere. It allows your decorations to be clearly seen, and it provides visibility for your guests as they come and go. The last thing you want for the holidays is a trip to the emergency room.


Each year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus assists clients with their outdoor lighting all year around. We can help highlight your holiday decor or seasonal decor with your landscape lighting system.  Be sure that your property is holiday ready by calling us today. We would be happy to make your 2014 holiday the most memorable yet.



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