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Everyone living in the Columbus area knows about German Village. It’s more than just a village; it’s a close knit community with loads of history and people eager to tell you about its charming characteristics. The brick paved streets are lined with 19th century cottages, a spectacular public park, enjoyable restaurants and taverns, relaxing coffee and retail shops and history galore.

Since the revitalization of this area over 50 years ago, the quaint cottages have become prime real estate. These homes offer little opportunity for traditional landscape lighting in the front due to the small lots and narrow streets common to the area. But, nestled behind these quaint bungalows are little hidden gems. Many homeowners have enhanced their backyards with beautiful gardens, water features, pergolas and lush landscaping hidden away from the public eye.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus just completed a unique project in the Village on Mohawk Street. The homeowners wanted an outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. They had already developed a soothing waterfall that gently spilled into a Japanese coy pond. Above the pond, a small stone bridge was built.

Columbus underwater lighting

Outdoor lighting can be placed around and under water to highlight certain characteristics.

Selective specimen plants, small Japanese maple trees and ornamental bushes, were planted around the water. The area looked amazing during the day but was lost when the sun went down.

That’s where we came in. Because specimen plants are smaller, they are most often used as focal points in gardens and landscaping. They are also usually isolated in an area instead of being grouped together. In cases like this, the quantity of outdoor lighting is not as important as the quality. We designed a plan using our stunning copper and brass landscape lights in the garden

Columbus garden lighting

Landscape lighting can draw the eye and your guests safely to your focal area.

area to highlight the unique features of the plants and trees. Soft and tastefully lit, the beauty of the area now extends well into the evening. The homeowners love the fact that they can invite friends and business associates to their outdoor oasis “in the city”.

If you have an outdoor area you would like to enhance, think about professional outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can custom design your “hidden” gems so you too can expand your outdoor living experience.

JK Smith, Owner
JK Smith, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus

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