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american_flag_ColumbusWe are quickly approaching the 4th of July. (I have to admit much faster than I realized!) In just over a week and a half, celebrations will be underway, and whether yours is large or small, I’m certain you have something special planned. If, like many Columbus residents, you are planning to fly the American flag proudly that day, please remember the codes that dictate proper display of our nation’s flag. Please ensure that, if other flags are flown, the US flag is hung higher than that the rest, or that it is located on the far left if flag poles are the same height and in a line. Also remember that the flag can only be displayed from sunrise until sunset, unless it is properly illuminated (Source). But if you want to show your patriotism and pride for our country all night long, you can do this by adding flagpole lighting.


Be sure you take down your flag at sunset if it is not illuminated.

Be sure you take down your flag at sunset if it is not illuminated.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can install beautiful, dramatic lighting for your flag this 4th of July. Because flagpoles share more characteristics with trees than eaves, our approach to flagpole lighting is similar to tree lighting in many ways. In most cases, when lighting flags, we choose spotlights or well lights and use the uplighting technique. Uplighting involves placing a fixture near the base of an object and aiming the light rays upward. Such use of the light creates dramatic shadowing and makes the object appear larger. It is an excellent technique to utilize when lighting tall objects or when focus on a specific object is needed. These characteristics make it a likely choice for lighting your flag. There are, of course, other fixtures and lighting techniques we may use, especially if your flag is displayed on the porch or hung from a balcony.


Show your patriotism while the fireworks explode by adding flagpole lighting.

Show your patriotism while the fireworks explode by adding flagpole lighting.

If you are concerned about the energy costs associated with additional fixtures or about straining your transformer, we can install LED fixtures. The high quality LED outdoor lights we use have optimal color and clarity. They can even mix seamlessly into a halogen system, and no one will notice a difference. Because LED fixtures require less voltage to operate, most transformers, unless they are already maxed out, can bear the addition. And you might even be surprised by how many of them you can add. This will be important if your flag will be viewed from multiple angles. In this case, more than a single light will be needed.


Of course, to fly your flag properly, you could take it down at sunset, but if you want your flag waving proudly when the fireworks begin, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We will get your flagpole ready to showcase the most iconic symbol of our great nation so your family, friends, and neighbors remember what the celebration is all about even after a full day of festivities.




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