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Here in Columbus, we like to think we’re much better prepared to handle winter weather than some of our neighbors down south. But between the Polar Vortex and potential snowstorms even creeping into early Spring, this season has been particularly challenging.  Fortunately, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel – and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus has a plan to help you get the most out of the warmer weather as soon as it arrives.

Your Outdoor Lighting Annual Maintenance Plan

With every first-time installation, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus offers one full year of expert maintenance and repairs –included with your system installation. After that time, we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) that covers service and maintenance on a yearly basis.  In light of the recent weather we’ve encountered, we recommend all customers take advantage of this smart investment this year. Here are just a few ways your outdoor lighting annual maintenance plan can really pay off:

  • With an Annual Maintenance Plan, broken fixtures like this can be repaired 100% free.

    With an Annual Maintenance Plan, broken fixtures like this can be repaired 100% free.

    Adjust any misdirected fixtures. While we use the highest-quality, most durable fixtures available in every system we install, we’ve already gotten many calls from customers whose outdoor lighting fixtures have shifted from the unbelievable weight of ice and snow this season. As part of our AMP, our team of experts will come out to make sure your fixtures are illuminating your home and landscaping properly.   We’ll get your outdoor lighting system back to looking its best just in time for the warmer weather – at no extra cost to you.

  • Replace halogen bulbs. While snow and ice do not keep our outdoor lighting fixtures from lighting, they have been working hard while buried under these elements.  You may find that your halogen bulbs have come to the end of their life cycle from all this hard work.  We’ll replace any burnt out halogen bulbs (LED bulbs last 10 times longer and do not need to be replaced as frequently) to get your home looking beautiful for the coming season.
  • OLP_BrantleyEntry4.jpgUpkeep.  Along with the knocked fixtures and burnt out bulbs, the constant freezing and thawing cycle of the ground tends to push buried wires up.  While we are tidying up your system, we’ll also re-bury these wires to make sure your entire system looks nice.

With our yearly AMP, you’ll be covered year after year.  We can also look at upgrading your system to our energy-efficient LED at the same time we are out for your maintenance.  And, with Daylight Savings Time starting this weekend, we can help with timer adjustments or upgrades to keep your outdoor lighting system running smoothly without any worries.

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Get your home ready for warmer weather now by taking advantage of our outdoor lighting annual maintenance plan.

OLP_BrantleyEntry4.jpgOLP_BrantleyEntry1.jpgOLP_BrantleyEntry_001B1.jpgOLP_BrantleyEntry5.gifOLP_BrantleyEntry.gifDon’t wait until Spring has already sprung to get your house ready for warmer weather. Start putting this long, dark winter behind you now by calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today.



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