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Yes, we are now deep into winter, but every good gardener knows that, even though it’s hard to imagine warm breezes and colorful flowers with snow falling outside, now is the time to plan. If you don’t, spring will arrive, and the planting season will have passed. So while you’re wrapped up in blankets sipping coffee by the fireplace, let’s go ahead and start thinking about spring, flowers, and foliage. Within your outdoor living spaces, these garden elements and trees create appeal and relaxation in your own private oases. Whether tree branches reach over a patio, flowers cluster around a deck, or a combination of trees, flowers, and foliage liven up a fire pit area, they contribute to the overall look of the area, so be sure you are able to benefit from those contributions no matter the time of day. You can do this and enhance these spaces with garden and tree lighting.


Garden Lighting ensures your flowers and foliage are visible after dark.

Garden Lighting ensures your flowers and foliage are visible after dark.

Garden Lighting. The main purpose of garden lighting is to ensure that flowers and foliage remain visible after dark. Using a combination of well lights, floodlights, and path lights, your flowers and shrubs can be enjoyed at all hours. But as with any other form of outdoor lighting, it also elevates appearance. With many sources of light, the resulting shadows and highlights are striking because they accentuate textures. Well designed garden lighting not only considers the functionality light provides but also manipulates that light to transform the outdoor living space into an enchanting area. Such lighting brings the garden elements alive.


Tree lighting showcases your most majestic trees.

Tree lighting showcases your most majestic trees.

Tree Lighting. Trees are the giants of your property. They command attention simply by their size, and their magnificence can be showcased with quality tree lighting. Uplighting is the technique used most frequently to illuminate trees whether they are part of a sitting area or standing alone. By positioning a spotlight at the appropriate distance, trees take on a dramatic flair no matter their species. Moonlighting is another tree lighting technique that positions a fixture within the branches, so light is cast down, resembling moonbeams. This technique creates branch shadowing on the ground. While you could light all of your trees, especially if the area only contains a few, it is best to pick your most striking and showcase them.


By using a combination of garden and tree lighting, your outdoor living spaces become even more relaxing and beautiful than they are in the sun. As daylight fades, evening magic will welcome you, your family, and your guests. No matter how lovely your garden is during the day, night will obscure it without garden and tree lighting. So get ahead, and while you plan your flowers and foliage for spring, plan your lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We would be happy to create a design unique to your outdoor living spaces, one that allows you full enjoyment of these areas night or day.





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