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Owning a home is a lot of work. Between cleaning, maintenance, and improvements, we spend a lot of time and money to make it beautiful, personal, and a place of our own here in Columbus. In many ways, it’s like another member of the family, given all the care it needs. And like any other member of the family, there are some “dress” needs for a home – paint, landscaping, and of course, outdoor lighting. Because outdoor lighting does so much to dress up your home, you’re probably concerned about the components of your outdoor lighting system just like your kids are about their shirts and jeans. Okay, maybe not exactly that way. You’re not as hung up on the hottest brand names as they are. However, you certainly want the best quality, best looking components. The quality and appearance of your fixtures really can spell the difference between a stunning outdoor lighting system and a mediocre one that we could liken to fast food. So before you get stuck with an inferior system, consider this before choosing your fixtures.


Copper and brass fixtures are not only beautiful. They last.

Copper and brass fixtures are not only beautiful. They last.

Like most anything else, the quality of outdoor lighting fixtures depends heavily on the materials from which they’re made. Remember that these fixtures must withstand the elements, from melting summer sun to the ice and snow of winter. They are subjected to hail, rain, airborne gravel, dirt, rust, and corrosion. As such, they should be made of material that is resilient enough to withstand these harsh elements. Painted fixtures are not good at withstanding such assaults. Over time, the paint breaks down, cracks, and then lets in moisture, which will create all kinds of problems for the electrical components, in addition to just making the fixture look ugly. The best fixtures are crafted from high quality copper or brass. Both of these metals have been used for centuries to build maritime equipment, which is not only exposed to the elements but corrosive salt air as well. These metals hold up under the worst conditions. Another great benefit to using them for outdoor lighting fixtures is that they really look great. In fact, they begin to look even more stylish with age as they develop a nice patina finish. Of course, if you prefer the bright metallic look, you can always polish them clean.


These quality, copper fixtures are made exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

These quality, copper fixtures are made exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

So where can you get such high quality fixtures? You won’t find them on the shelves of your local home improvement store. These fixtures, made here in the USA exclusively for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, are available to you from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. Resilient and versatile, they can burn halogen or LED bulbs, so no matter your preference, they’ll fit your needs. And the best thing about these fixtures is their quality lasts for years. They even come with great warranties.


If you are tired of fixtures that crack, become compromised, and then malfunction or are simply interested in using the highest quality components, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today. Dress up your home with the best outdoor lighting fixtures on the market. They will stand the test of time and make your property pop after dark as well. It’s the best of both worlds.




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