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Deck lighting adds enjoyment to your Columbus deck

Deck lighting makes your outdoor space more enjoyable

Have you been thinking about adding a new patio or deck this summer? A professionally designed outdoor living space not only increases the value of your home but allows you to enjoy countless new opportunities outside. It’s a large endeavor yet well worth every penny you put into it. But before you get too far into the planning phase you should consider professional deck lighting. It can transform any basic deck or patio into something extraordinary.

Planning your outdoor lighting before you begin to lay the groundwork for your patio or deck may seem like an odd idea. Yet consider this: if you add stonework for an outdoor kitchen area, sitting wall or on posts, it is more difficult to add lighting fixtures after they have been constructed.  Trying to maneuver lights onto an existing deck can also be difficult depending on the circumstances and the location of the power supply. On the other hand, it is much easier and opens many more artistic options to coordinate the outdoor lighting right alongside the blueprints for the construction.

Planning outdoor lighting with your construction project allows more options

Planning outdoor lighting with your construction project allows more options

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus, we have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect lighting plan for your new deck or patio and the ability to coordinate with your contractor. Our copper flood lights placed strategically over your patio keep it full of life all through the night. Your steps will be safely seen at all times with our inconspicuous step lights while our compact copper wall/deck lights create a rich wash of ambient light on your post or retaining wall.  Each of our halogen or LED lighting fixtures will be strategically placed throughout your deck for both safety and aesthetics.

Outdoor lighting is key to the perfect deck or patio. We can design a customized lighting plan for your existing spaces or work with your contractor.  Just remember the options and lighting effects may be greater if we coordinate in the design phase.  Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus a call at (614) 203-4291 to ensure your Columbus deck is as outstanding as it possible.

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