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Overpowering, unnatural light – this is what many people think when they hear “LED”. For many years, this was the outstanding characteristic of LED lighting, both indoor and outdoor. Fortunately, this is not the outstanding characteristic of the LED outdoor lighting fixtures used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. Because of some significant advances in LED technology in the past few years, our fixtures are well-known for being energy-efficient, long-lasting, and emitting light that is indistinguishable from traditional outdoor halogen Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus shows how outdoor lighting accentuates your home featureslighting systems. Our LED outdoor lighting systems really are our most advanced systems. By choosing our LED fixtures or retrofitting your old system with LED components, you will gain everything that is beneficial about this new type of lighting while sacrificing none of the natural beauty you want from your outdoor lighting.


Our most advanced outdoor lighting developments are now occurring in the LED arena. Our newest outdoor lighting fixture, the BB-02, is only an LED fixture. This stylish light is versatile and can be used in many places that will not accommodate traditional fixtures. The BB-02 is a stick light. Thin and available in different heights, the fixture is excellent at lighting tight spaces, but is so adaptable; it can also be used in place of our traditional path light and

The light spread from our new LED stick light is powerful

The light spread from our new LED stick light is powerful

spotlights. This sleek copper and/or copper and brass light is a modern style, perfect for those who are not satisfied with the traditional black well light or umbrella style path light. It is more elegant and adds class to a wide variety of landscape designs.


The BB-02’s different versions have brass knuckles at the top or bottom so the light output is easy to control. At a mere two inches in diameter and only 6 watts, you may be surprised at how much light comes from this sleek fixture. An optic can even be added to make the light spread like a regular floodlight. With a lens shield and the knuckle on top, the BB-02 serves as a contemporary style replacement for our traditional path light. With the knuckle on bottom, it can be used to replace our well light. Such versatility gives our designers more flexibility and

Our new LED outdoor lighting fixture can fix in very tight spaces.

Our new LED outdoor lighting fixture can fix in very tight spaces.

makes it easier to give you the outdoor lighting system that best showcases your property.


So you if you are struggling with lighting a tight area or if you are just ready to upgrade to the most current outdoor lighting technology with a modern look, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus today. We can help you decide if LED and the BB-02 is the right upgrade for you.




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See how our copper LED lights look by visiting our landscape and garden lighting photo gallery on our website.

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