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Every home is different, and this is a very good thing. If all of them were the same, we would get bored very quickly driving through neighborhoods. No matter the home improvement project, each home presents its own unique challenges to go with its charms. This is one of the reasons that an outdoor lighting system from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus is a good decision. We always tailor the system to fit each property’s unique needs, and sometimes, our solutions need to be creative. Case in point with a recent install.


A client had a deck with a stone topped bar wrapping around its perimeter, rather than a railing. The bar had high stools so the family and their friends could relax and eat on the deck. With no railing and a stone bar instead,

LED strip lighting is perfect for those difficult areas to reach and the bulbs last 40,000 - 50,000 hours

LED strip lighting is perfect for those difficult areas to reach and the bulbs last 40,000 – 50,000 hours

normal deck lighting was not a suitable option. We needed to think outside the box. Our answer lay in LED strip lighting. We placed these strips underneath the seating area and the bar, which washed the deck in ambient light, gave good visibility, and enhanced the relaxed mood of the deck. Not to mention, it was quite classy.


LED strip or bar lighting is a relatively new form of lighting and not used as frequently as other outdoor lighting options. But it can be excellent at getting light in hard to reach places. These flexible, easily positioned strips contain tiny LED bulbs. The install is relatively simple, and the lights should burn for 40-50,000 hours, making them very economical and easy on the wallet. Although these lights cannot be plugged into a landscape lighting system, they are the perfect fit for certain situations and features. We have used them in outdoor kitchens and other outdoor lighting applications.


The LED strip lighting used by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus is excellent quality and manufactured here in the USA. Just as with all other fixtures we use, you can be assured that these lights are the best available.


If it sounds like LED strip lighting is a good fit for your property or if you need the best designed outdoor lighting for your unique residence, call us today. We are waiting to bring out the best of your home with the very best outdoor lighting. 614-794-1121


J.K. Smith, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus



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