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commercial lighting Columbus OHWhen you’re leaving your office at night does the walk seem sometimes a little unnerving? Do you find yourself walking into a nearly pitch black environment to reach your car? Imagine being able to leave your place of business after dark and having a safe, illuminated pathway to lead you to your car. LED commercial outdoor lighting not only provides beautiful outdoor lighting around your business, but it does so using nearly one tenth the energy that traditional metal halide lights use.


commercial lighting Columbus OHCommercial outdoor lighting is beneficial in many business settings. Whether it be a restaurant, dental office, or hotel, providing both employees and customers with well-lit walkways adds both security and beauty in a commercial application. It is statistically proven that well-lit offices are less likely to be targeted by would be intruders or burglars than non-well-lit offices in the very same business complex.

Taking away both the beauty and security, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus can provide your business with energy saving LED outdoor lighting. We can provide the exact same level of brightness from a 30 watt LED light running on 12 volts that a 175 watt halide light running on 110 volts provides. By using 90% less energy on each lighting fixture, the sheer amount of energy saving is quite incredible.

commercial lighting Columbus OHTo see how LED outdoor lighting can make your Columbus OH business more inviting, more secure, and ultimately more energy efficient, call us today at (614) 794-1121, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right, or visit our website. We look forward hearing from you!

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