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ColumbusHome showIt’s that time of year again – the Dispatch Fall Home and Garden Show is rolling into town this Friday. And you can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus  to be there showing off all of our most impressive outdoor lighting options for this fall, from our classic fixtures that have always stood the test of time to the latest technologies you can be the first to try out in Columbus!

Deck lighting adds enjoyment to your Columbus deck

Find out how you can light up your home this fall with professional outdoor lighting.

Stop by Booth #709 to ask about seasonal specials designed to light up your home this fall. From colored lenses that really make your changing landscape pop to fun, spooky designs for Halloween, we’ll be showcasing it all.

Even if you’re already an existing customer, there’s plenty to see at Booth #709. Come ask about our Annual Maintenance Plans, adding additional outdoor living spaces or even just upgrading your current system. We’d love to tell you about our LED outdoor lighting bulbs built to last as long as 25 years – helping your home look its best, longer.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus shows how outdoor lighting accentuates your home features

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bringing out your home’s unique personality with professional outdoor lighting.

New customers are also more than welcome at Booth #709 to talk about free design work and other smart deals available exclusively from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus. We guarantee you’ll leave the show excited about the endless possibilities for lighting up your home this fall.

Even if you don’t come just for us, there’s plenty to do at this year’s Home and Garden Show.  Check out several of your favorite HGTV personalities, including the “Cousins on Call” and Nicole Curtis, and other celebrities including Bobby Carpenter talking about the best ideas and projects for your home this fall.

Learn more about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus by calling today, and we look forward to seeing you at Booth #709 this weekend!

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