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This year is the year you’re going to get things done. It’s the year you finally build that beautiful gazebo, that grand patio, or that stunning outdoor kitchen. You’ve always wanted to spruce up your landscape in a major way and now it’s going to happen. The time is right, the plans are in order, and all you have to do is set the plan in motion. But before you start, consider the one thing you’ve left Add curb appeal to your Columbus home with outdoor lightingbehind: Outdoor lighting. You may think that outdoor lighting isn’t necessary until after your chosen landscape structure has been built, but you may be wrong. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus wants you to bring outdoor lighting into the planning phases of your project. Waiting until after all is said and done may be too late.

Consider the plight of this homeowner. He called in to add outdoor lighting to his brand new deck. It was a stunning piece of work. Sleek and contemporary, it was truly a work of art. However, there was one major problem we were faced with. How were we going to blend the deck lights into the structure to make it appear clean and polished? With such a unique finish and formidable build, there was no way we could hide the wires. The finish was so clean that adding any kind of lighting without unsightly results would be extremely difficult. The

Planning outdoor lighting with your construction project allows more options

Planning outdoor lighting with your construction project allows more options

task ahead is now tenfold more difficult than if we had come in during the planning phase. If we had done that, our permanent lighting fixtures would have been one with the deck. They would have been camouflaged with ease and illuminate the deck perfectly. Unfortunately, the exclusion of outdoor lighting until the end made this impossible.

It is easier to work with a fresh piece of clay than with a hard finished product. Don’t make the same mistake. If you’re looking to add a new pergola, patio, or any sort of outdoor fixture, plan for outdoor lighting right from the start. We can work with contractors and produce blueprints that include brilliant outdoor lighting before the structure is even made. That way you can make the right adjustments and customize the lighting exactly how you see fit. Accommodations can be made with an eraser and not with a sledge hammer, saving you time and money.

Now is certainly the time to take the leap and enhance your landscape. Just remember to add outdoor lighting into the beginning phases of your plan. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbus and have us as a part of your design team. We’ll be able to add the right outdoor lighting on paper before a single brick has been laid or nail hammered. There will be no need to frustrate yourself with trying to attach lights after the work is done. That deck, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen will look immaculate beneath the highest quality of outdoor lighting available.

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To see what we can do when called in from the start, visit our deck and patio photo gallery on our website.

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