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Spring is in the air and the home improvement projects are just beginning. If you are like most at this time of year, outdoor projects seem to make it to the top of the list. One of the most popular projects to enhance the look of your home is outdoor architectural and landscape lighting. Done properly, outdoor lighting can take your house from blah to beautiful in little time. But where do you go for the right kind of lighting at the right price? You want an investment that will last without spending a ton of money on the project.

There are as many types of outdoor lighting fixture as there are installers. You want to find a professional lighting design consultant to give you the best illumination of your living spaces. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has top of the line lighting fixtures made from copper and brass with an incredible warranty. LED lighting is very energy efficient but perhaps you are looking at the other end of the spectrum on cost. An affordable solution to your problem is also available from the lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Spot LightFor as little as $1295, you can enhance your outdoor living spaces. Our cast aluminum spot/flood lights wash soft, warm light over your home exterior and can spotlight uniquely shaped trees, arbors, ponds, fountains and outdoor living spaces.

Your guests won’t miss a step in the inviting glow of the classic dome path light.Path Light The aluminum dome path light boasts the lighting power to define ten feet of pathway, more than enough coverage for most path lighting applications. The halogen lighting technology gives an appealing alternative to showcase your home.

If you are interested in a great value, free design consultation and expert installation, call Columbus Outdoor Lighting Perspective to inquire about our value line of lighting fixtures at 614-794-1121.

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